TALA plays various roles in projects, initiatives, and programs ranging from walking trails to career technology training with the outcomes focused on creating jobs, enhancing business development, and improving the quality of life for all. TALA is proud of our contributions to these projects; providing concept design, technical project management, and ongoing support.

Gateway to the Future

The Gateway-Innovation and Discovery Center

Recovery and Rebuilding

The Edge- Incubator and Accelorator

Sharing The Narrative

The Legacy Museum
National Memorial for Peace and Justice

Learning Never Ends

Tuscaloosa Career & Technology Academy (TCTA) ‚Äč

Tomorrow's Careers

Center For Advanced Technology and Training
Lawson State Community College

Entrepreneurs Everywhere

The Edge- Incubator and Accelerator

Helping Others Realize Their Visions

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TALA works with our clients across the country and around the world to help develop their visions, establish goals, manage programs and projects, and deliver successful initiatives that create sustainable positive results. These are highlights of our work over the past 30 years. Contact TALA to discuss your needs and upcoming projects. We can help!