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TALA Professional Services

What We Do

TALA works to clearly understand and define a problem, situation or opportunity through an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of technical, business, and operations issues. Our process produces data and observations for the TALA team to develop a solution plan, timeline, and cost projections to share with the client. TALA provides a range of services from technical design to management consulting to operational support for an international clientele in these business and industry sectors: Fortune 500 Companies, Manufacturing, Education, Government, Healthcare, Tourism, Construction, Museums, Public Safety, Economic Development, and Energy.

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Who We Are

TALA team members have worked together for over 25 years delivering exceptional services and sustainable solutions to a diverse client list.  Clients range from rural communities to Fortune 500 businesses, government agencies to manufacturing plants, and healthcare organizations to educational institutions/facilities, and museums. The TALA team has the practical experience, technical expertise, and business acumen to successfully solve complex problems, navigate critical business and community issues, and manage deadline driven and challenging projects. We believe our committed team of professionals offers answers for today’s business/technical problems and leads the way to a better and smarter future. 

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How We Work

TALA uses the latest applications, business and industry tools, systems / networks / infrastructure, and proven management techniques to solve problems and build solutions ranging from municipal wireless broadband to immersive mixed reality experiences for public and private sector clients. TALA skillfully applies best practices, forms and manages diverse teams, and effectively operates in the global marketplace to develop and deliver successful technical projects, engaging experiences, and sustainable green community initiatives. TALA’s decades of performance success provide our client the confidence to trust their technical and business problems to our team to work closely with their internal resources to achieve better, faster, and smarter solutions

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