Construction Project

Advanced Technology Center Implementation at a Community College, TALA provided the design and project management of the technology (voice, data, audiovisual, security, distance learning and wireless) networks and services for an Advanced Technology Center during its construction. The Center provides workforce and student training and is located on the campus of a Community College. The center provides a team of business, education and technology professionals joined in collaboration with local community leaders to foster economic growth by providing education, training, leadership and technology resources to meet the changing needs of students, employers and communities. The project consisted of creating a ‘Classroom of the Future’ (complete with video conferencing and Internet access) and a fully functional, dual purpose (production and instructional) television studio/production facility. Connected by a campus-wide fiber optic network, the facilities allow instructional programming to be freely distributed. Additionally, TALA marketed the services and features of the facility to the community.

Infrastructure Design and Technology Application Support, TALA partnered with IBM Global Services, the Information Technology General Contractor for the design implementation and management of all information technology at a automotive manufacturing plant. TALA’s roles included technical resource support to the IBM team on-site, designing the voice and data wiring infrastructures for the entire plant and installing, supervising and cabling the over 2,000 workstations throughout the facility. Additionally TALA’s help desk support provided networking/software answers for the plants over 800 end users. Additionally, TALA provided both design and project management of the installation of the audio/video system for the training center at the automotive manufacturing plant.

Infrastructure Assessment, Design, and Documentation, TALA worked with both Amercian and Italian architects during the design of a US military base complex with approximately 56 buildings in Italy. The infrastructure planning and design included various systems such as voice and data infrastructure, card access systems, gate control system, intercom, life safety and fire alarm, building automation and HVAC, NIPRNet (non-secure network), SIPRNet (secure network), video surveillance, audio visual systems, CATV, CTV, Data Center, and Central Office (primary call processing center) Facility. The scope of work encompassed providing detail drawings and technical specifications for communications duct bank infrastructure, copper and fiber optic underground and entrance cable, termination equipment, horizontal distribution cabling, work station outlets, racks, cable management, patch panels, cable tray, cable ladder, conduit, groundings, and labeling. The inside plant design work included pathway, risers, outlet layout, electrical and ground requirements, conduit and cable trays, fire stopping, and equipment room design and placement. The TALA Team was responsible for all inside and outside planning, design and AutoCAD drawings and specifications. Services provided included acceptance testing, analysis/design, consulting, grant writing, installation supervision, logistical/coordination/help desk support, premise distribution, project management, system management, training, vendor management and workflow process management.

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