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To Understand Your Unique Needs

TALA’s team will work to develop a planned approach, first by listening, assessing your needs, and working along with your staff. Critical need areas will be addressed first.

If funding is an issue for program implementation, strategies for finding and writing grants could be put in place to assist clients with getting noticed and set apart from other applicants.

To Design and Manage A Practical Implementation

Clients working in collaboration with TALA receive answers to questions regarding how best to find the right fit for technology, hardware and or software, procedures for crisis situations, funding, how to get started, what data is needed and what are the greatest hurdles in moving forward with the project.

TALA’s project management techniques assist the client at all levels of a project. The right fit will be customized per client.

To Ensure Total Cost Management For Each and Every Client Dollar Invested

TALA’s approach is to bring the best of the best Team to the project. The team will work together with no disconnect, much like a complete circle with all parts feeding back to the beginning. The team will utilize the skills of each team member to focus on image sales and work for the closing of that sale. The initial call and collection of information sets the stage for additional team members to enter the picture.

There is strength in the ability to create and build a pool of experts that can be pulled together to address a problem or project requirements. These experts lend power to new opportunities, needs or challenging projects.

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people-talking1These words summarize knowledge and skills of the team of professionals that TALA Professional Services provides on each client engagement.

Design. Consulting. Management. Teamwork. Experience. Expertise. TALA Professional Services is committed to providing business solutions, technology applications, and measurable outcomes to clients. Our solutions and Services are based on global standards and proven business principles.  

The best of professionals